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Whale Watch Azores
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Scuba Diving in the Azores

The Azores have been considered by several media around the world as one of the few remaining underwater paradises of the Atlantic Ocean. Large groups of manta rays, jacks, Atlantic bonito and tunas are common to be observed in the water column while scuba diving. Also emblematic are the frequent encounters with large and friendly groupers. The Azores are, with no doubt, one of the best places for scuba diving of the whole Atlantic. Our diving spots are very diverse and can fit different preferences and levels of experience. Examples are the emblematic Princess Alice Bank, the marine protected area of the “Monte da Guia”, and the reefs in the Faial-Pico channel.

Diving centre
Our diving centre (known as “Scubarraca”) is right in front of the pontoon with our boats in the Marina (Horta, Faial Island). Its location is very handy for carrying the diving gear between the centre and the boats.
You can find all the diving gear you may need at the diving centre "Scubarraca", as well as information about underwater marine biodiversity of the diving spots.
Diving spots
Norberto diver proposes more than 20 different diving spots around the islands Faial and Pico, as well as some offshore spots such as the Princess Alice Bank and the reef of Rosais (São Jorge). Before each dive we evaluate the group's experience and expectations to be able to assure everyone's satisfaction and safety. As a rule, the diving spot is chosen just before departure, taking into account the diver's experience, preferences and weather and sea conditions. Don’t forget that we are very flexible and will try hard to make your day unforgettable. The Dive Master will brief the group about the chosen dive spot, its marine biodiversity and about the necessary measures to minimize the impact of scuba diving on the natural environment.
Safety is our main concern. Our filling station and tanks are extremely well maintained and regularly checked. Diving spots are always chosen to better assure divers’ safety. So, once in a while we may not dive in our favourite spot because of the sea conditions or because one of the guests in the group is less experienced.
All divers have to carry valid diving certificates and medical exams.
Princess Alice Bank
Diving in an offshore reef 45 nautical miles (about 80 km) from the nearest island can be a remarkable and unforgettable experience. In Princess Alice Bank, guests will have the chance to watch large groups of manta rays, large jacks, Atlantic bonitos and many other pelagic fishes. It is without any doubt one of the best places for scuba diving of the whole Atlantic. However, keep in mind that we may encounter very strong currents. This dive can be arranged for a minimum of 6 divers or a boat can be rented with a skipper and a Dive master for the cost of a charter. These dives are limited to good sea conditions so we advise our clients interested in this service to visit us in July, August and September.
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