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Whale Watch Azores
Whale Watch Azores
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Our setting in the middle of the Atlantic offers the unique possibility to
dive in the realm of seamounts. One of the few diveable truly oceanic
seamounts of the Atlantic is located 45 miles SSW of our dive center, the
Princess Alice bank.
Here you are venturing in to the kingdom of the sea nomads and the
large oceanic predators. Glide among dozens of manta rays, giant jacks,
barracuda walls and massive schools of skipjack tuna. An experience you
will never forget.

An experience only in reach of some…

Shark dive
If you choose to venture in to the nearby Condor bank, the domain of one
of the most beautiful and elegant ocean predators – the blue shark – ,
then you are buying strong emotions that will stand high in your memory
album. There is no dive alike in the whole Europe!
Vent dive
Diving in hydrothermal vents - volcanic gases emerging from deep under
the earth - may struck you as something only accessible to Hollywood
filmmakers or deepsea scientists. Yet, you can watch this phenomenon,
feel the warm fluids and bubble curtains that continuously free from the
sea bottom just five minutes away from the dive center and using your
dive gear only.


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