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Whale Watch Azores
Whale Watch Azores
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Swimming with dolphins in the Azores

Swimming with dolphin in their natural habitat can be a amazing experience. We realize better the beauty and intelligence of these animals while observing them dancing and listening to their sounds. We actually receive more guests for swimming with dolphins every year. This activity is, however, constrained by several factors; weather condition, the presence of dolphins and in particular their disposition for swimming with us. After all, we will visit wildlife (in their natural habitat) that must be respected.


The negative impact on the dolphins is limited. However, we must assure that the guest will create no stress in the animals. To reduce potential impact we only allow two ‘divers’ in the water at a time. Moreover, it is not possible to swim with dolphins with calves or when they are feeding.
We provide mask and snorkels free of charge. In the Azores, we are allowed to swim with 5 different dolphin species. Try the experience of being in the natural habitat of these amazing creatures.

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