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Whale Watch Azores
Whale Watch Azores
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April through September is the main season. In winter the days out are reduced due to the worse weather conditions…but you can still whale and dolphin watch all year round, even in glorious winter days.

Most frequently seen species are the sperm whale, sei whale, fin whale an blue whale; pilot whale, rissos’s, bottlenose, common, spotted and striped dolphins, among others.
We work with the traditional lookouts (that stem from the whaling era) to spot the animals. With lookouts on Faial and Pico islands, sighting whales is an almost daily event.
Trips arund the islands of Faial, Pico and S. Jorge (up to 20 miles offshore) take place twice a day (08h30 and 15h00) and last three to four hours, but other group schedules could be arranged.
You can go on a WW trip regardless of your age and physical status, but if you bear any disability in need of personal accompanying prior arrangements are needed.
Before each trip we will brief you on the activity and what you can expect, including the area and the species where it will take place.
We have three 7.5 and 11 m m oceanic ribs to ensure you a close contact experience with nature in full security. We also have a 12 people katamaran para 12 pessoas (kitchen and WC) very suited for those disabled, with back problems, for pregnant and small kids up to three year old.

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