Princess Alice Bank


The dive with Mantas (Mobula tarapacana) is classified as one of the best dives in the Azores. It’s located in a submarine bank named “Princess Alice”, more less 45 nautical miles on the South of Faial Island with 35 meters of depth. In this experience you will have the chance to dive in the heart of the Ocean with these majestic animals. Occasionally you also have the chance to see Tunas (Katsuwonus pelamis), Barracudas (Sphyraena viridensis) and Almacos Jacks (Seriola rivoliana).

These trips are made from July to September, usually from 7:30h to 19:00h. It takes 3 hours to each side, after arriving we make the first dive, come back to the boat to make one hour of break while taking a light lunch, and after the second dive.

Also this is a great chance for those who don’t have a diving certification, you can do snorkelling because mantas and other pelagic come closer to the surface.

If you wish to do this dive, we advise to have several days available because this activity is only confirmed one or two days before, since we are always dependent of the weather conditions and the minimum of clients required.

Our objective is to promote the security and sustainability of this activity, so for this reason, you have to follow some rules and a code of conduct about diving with mantas in the Azores:

1 – Checking the validity of your diving certificate, medical exam and the number of dive you have registered.

 2 – It’s required to do a “check dive” before diving with sharks. It is a normal coastal dive with the purpose to verify the divers experience and comfort in the water.

Diving in Princess Alice Bank
Snorkelling in Princess Alice Bank