Shark Dive


Join us on this most exhilarating tour! This trips are made from July to September, and we go to the diving spot by zodiacs, therefore is a half day trip. In this trip you will have the opportunity to see one of the fastest fishes in the ocean, the Blue shark (Prionace glauca). It’s one in a life time experience, where you have the chance to be in the world of this amazing predator.

This dive is not considered a deep dive. The divers will be between the surface and 10 meters, the depth where the bait box is placed. The boat will drift and the divers and snorkelers will be near the boat. There will be a safety cable tied to the boat in case there is a strong current and for more unexperienced divers.

If you wish to do this dive, we advise to have several days available because this activity is only confirmed one or two days before, since we are always dependent of the weather conditions and the minimum of clients required.

Our objective is to promote the security and sustainability of this activity, so for this reason, you have to follow some rules and a code of conduct about diving with sharks in Azores:

1.- Checking the validity of your diving certificate, medical exam and the number of dive you have registered.

2.- It’s required to do a “check dive” before diving with sharks. It is a normal coastal dive with the purpose to verify the divers experience and comfort in the water.

3.- Filling an Assumption of Risk document.

Diving with Sharks
Snorkelling with Sharks